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Environmental Data Management ENFOS


When you’re dealing with clusters of technical data from an array of sources - potential sensitive receptor data, sample plans, sampling locations, field data, and laboratory data can be hard to wrangle into a simple data stream.

ENFOS automates and optimizes your data from the planning stage all the way to the final deliverable stage, allowing you to effectively manage risk and measure progress and performance while complying with regulations. Also, by integrating your technical data with your financial data, ENFOS provides you with the tools and information to identify patterns that may not be readily apparent. Let the data drive your decision making.


Measuring and controlling the mosaic of financial data, transactions and workflows of your business can be a challenge. ENFOS helps transform your financial management into a strong, streamlined backbone of your business - not a source of headaches.

Introducing your back-end ERP system to ENFOS’ front-end workflow engine means you can integrate and automate everything from financial planning to budgeting, vendor proposals, purchases, invoices and more. Not only is everything optimized on one platform, but you can easily access it from anywhere with an internet connection. Imagine approving invoices while sitting on the lakefront.

Finance Management ENFOS
Compliance Management ENFOS


Keep your core compliance processes running smoothly by gathering your permit management, employee training management, audit program management and regulated asset management all on one streamlined platform.

Our integrated scheduling and calendar functions complete with automatic email alerts ensure that you’ll never miss a deadline or due-date again. No more scrambling to gather data - All changes made on ENFOS are logged and kept securely for customer administrators, automatically building a trail usable for audits.


As your portfolio grows, so does the impact of scattered data. ENFOS provides your business with the power to manage your entire project portfolio in one central location.

Everything from location information, contacts, notes, documents, regulators, vendors, custom fields and more are easily and intelligently organized within your own configurable hierarchy. See how better data framing can make all the difference.

Portfolio Management ENFOS
Geographic Information System (GIS) ENFOS


GIS allows for project and portfolio data to be automatically queried and easily viewed on maps. No more searching through stacks of menus - the ENFOS portfolio, data, compliance and financial modules are all readily available for visualization and analysis in our GIS solution.

Being able to visualize your data provides users with cues that may not be apparent from tabular views of the same information. ENFOS can synchronize with image layers from almost any mapping solution already in use. Users can also annotate, enhance and produce deliverable-ready images for reports.